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Carpenters, Framers, Cabinetry, Flooring

Carpenters, Framers, Cabinetry, Flooring, Formwork

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Hendersonville, NC

We are a licensed NC General Contractor. If we're booked up, we'll refer you to other professionals.

Framers for New Construction and Remodels

Cabinetry, Millwork, Trimwork

Concrete Formwork and Heavy Construction

Remodeling and Repair Carpenters

...and willing to pay the price.

All types of Hendersonville, NC carpenters: finish carpenter, framer carpenters, cabinetry carpenters, remodel carpenters, repair carpenters restoration carpenters.

Carpenters, Framers, Cabinetry, Remodels, Formwork

 Terms:  This is a referral service.  We are a NC General Contractor.  If we're too busy, we refer you to a Hendersonville carpenter, Hendersonville framer, Hendersonville cabinetmaker.

Frequently Asked Carpenters, Framers, Cabinetry, Remodel Carpenters, Formwork Questions

What areas in Henderson County North Carolina do you offer service?

Are you licensed and insured?

Anyone we refer you to will be insured and licensed where required.  If you specifically require a specific license, please let us know in your request.

How much deposit is required?    

To begin, submit a quote request. If available, we'll provide the quote. If you approve and wish to proceed, 100% prepayment is required before scheduling the assignment, with electronic payments only. Remote quotes via email are free of charge. In case we can't complete the assignment, you'll receive an automatic refund, as required by law. If we can't proceed after providing the quote and receiving the deposit, you'll receive a refund including what you paid plus $500.

Outside Referrals: We value your time and, with your permission, may refer your request to an unaffiliated contractor. You'll work with them directly, and our guarantee doesn't apply. Please verify their license, insurance, references, and experience before proceeding.

I'm a carpenter in Henderson County, North Carolina, do you hire subcontractors?

YES! Please submit message above with details about your company, scheduling and pay requirements, insurance and licensing information (if any).